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Our Valance Solution

The valance was the most frustrating part of the remodel. The original valance was stapled to the ceiling. I dug through Pinterest, Google and other blogs searching for a solution to our valance problem. I thought about using Velcro but our curtain trac was too thin. Then, I thought maybe tension rods, or curatin rods, but I didnt want to have to take them up and down everytime we closed then camper.

Finally after many tried and failed ideas we found the solution! We used 6 small eye screws, curtain clips, and a bungee string. We were concerned about making any holes in our ceiling, but these little eye screws wern't any longer then the original staples that they used, so we figured these would be okay.. and we were right. We screwed the small eye screws into the ceiling, one in each corner and in the middle of the long walls. (If you have a longer camper than ours (12ft) you may want to do a few more.)

I ran the bungee string through the valance, time consuming but worth it. Then I took apart the curtain ring clips I had, by removing the ring part that I didn't need. I put the hook end of the clips into the eyescrews, tied a small knot in one end of the bungee string and clamped it , then I pulled it tight across the wall to the other end and clamped it there. I was able to do one long and one short wall with one bundle of cord. When I got to the end of that cord and had it puled tight like I wanted it, I tied another knot in that end and clamped it. It worked out perfectly! It is light and easy to remove for cleaning and I don't have to take it down to close the camper! The bungee rope was only $1.50 at Jo Ann's for 15 ft we used a little less than two bundles, remember it stretches, and I already had the hooks! This solution only cost me $3.00 SCORE!

If you have any questions please let us know! We are happy to help if we can!

Here are a few pictures:

All American PUP Valnace remodel

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