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Curtains and Cushions

We wanted a rustic look but still clean and fun. So we took out all the fabric, curtains, cushion and bed covers, and the valance (that was stapled to the ceiling). Not sure how to fix that one.... Hmmm. All the cabinet doors and drawers also came out.

First some research into Americana decor, fabrics etc. Americana fabrics are not as easy to find as I'd hoped. After A LOT of searching fabric stores on line and in person we had our fabrics. We were really blessed with the curtain fabric. There was a fabric store going out of business and I got fabric that was normally $21.00 a yard for $.99!!! It is a thick linen fabric that came on those 6 ft rolls.

The old curtains weren't in bad condition, with exception of missing some curtain tabs, they were nice thick blackout curtains. We live and camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains where summer night temps are usually 40 - 50 degrees. So all the thickness we could get was appreciated! ❄️

We decided to sowed our new fabric right on top of the old curtains. I bought some new curtain tabs on Amazon , they worked great a (little rounder on the top than the original tabs) and easy to sow on, I did mine by hand but others said they just set their machines to denim and they worked like a dream. Keeping the curtains a neutral color gives us,or future owners the option to change the color scheme with out too much work.

We washed the old covers they were in great condition so we kept them on under the new ones. The cushion covers we sowed kind of like a pillow case. Sewing it lengthwise folding the ends like you would a present sewing one end closed and the other we used Velcro like we had seen others do on Pinterest and added buttons to the ends as extra support and, hey they're cute!

In a tickle's Velcro pic.


Check out the Valance post on how we solved the hanging problem.

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