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Ta Da!! The Big Reveal!

We are a camping kinda family, it is something we have always enjoyed the sounds, the smells, and most of all quality time with our family! No work, gadgets, phones or wifi to distract us. We live in some of the most beautiful country in the world. 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe, two hours from Yosemite in the beautiful Serrias. We have wanted a pop up camper for years, with the tent sides we still feel close to nature. To us that's the whole point of camping.

My mother called me in March and said she was giving me an early birthday gift, $ for a camper!! Wow!! We quickly began looking and found a wonderful PUP, a 91 Starcraft Nova. She was in EXCELLENT condition, I mean this pup was babied, just early 90's ugly. When I read what people had to add to their campers we felt so blessed to find ours came with it. We paid $1500 for her. And our total remodel cost $220

Here's what she looked like:

Coming up with the theme was a little challenging. I wanted something that everyone would enjoy. My husband travels a lot with his work and he asked that it didn't look like a hotel or an extension of the house. But instead like a country cottage, something we might buy as a little summer home.

I had looked at many remodels and I saw a one on The Pop Up Princess where someone had painted their cabinets red. Well red being my favorite color I got inspired and showed my husband, his less than excited look led to a compromise. I had each family member give me something they liked, an idea of a vacation cabin/cottage. Mine was the red, my youngest daughter liked a red and off white checked fabric, my husband liked blue, our oldest daughter picked a grayish wood flooring, our son is away at college so.. he didn't really get a pick. I was out in our shed one afternoon and saw a Fourth of July sign and the Americana theme was born. Now to get stared, getting rid of the 1980's and in with the... 1880's? 😉

We took out all the fabric, including the valance that was stapled to the ceiling. I did a through cleaning and lightly sanded the cabinets. then took off the doors, drawers, hardware, the heater vent, the fire extinguisher holder,the thermostat cover, took the table out and removed the legs, anything what was brown or brassy was removed and preped for painting.

For all the details on how we did it check out some of the other posts on the home page.

This weekend we got her all gussied up for her 'glamper' shots and had a 4th of July big reveal BBQ. So without further ado...

Our red door! My FAVORITE part!

How about a few before and after shots....

This will probaly be the only time you'll see food in our camper, as we don't want to be a picnic basket for any hungry bears.

Of course she dosen't look like this when we are camping. How many of us do? As we work on organization ideas we will be sure to share them!

We are not done yet, we have a few more changes we are working on as we speak and we will post them as we finish them. If you have questions shoot us an email we'd enjoy hearing from you!

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