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Bunkend Caddy

If you're like us you're always looking for ways to store and keep your things in your PUP that is functional and looks good. The Bunkends are especially in need of storage space. In our PUP the King size bunk has a 'headboard' built in and it comes in very handy. However the full/queen side doesn’t have one.

Our girls are always trying to find a place to put their phones, headphones, sunglasses, books, and a light. I’ve looked at a few solutions people have come up with on Pinterest but they weren't very cute. I found a hanging pocket holder on Amazon that I thought was nice and functional but the colors were not right for our camper and it would hang down too low, I didn’t want it to interfere with sleeping.. So, I decided to use some left over fabric from our cushions and make one myself.


I didn't take pictures as I was making the caddy but it is easy. The great part about making it yourself is you pick the size and layout that fits your needs. I choose the checked fabric from our cushions, it is thick fabric and could hold up to the weight of the books, I folded the fabric in half sewing up the two sides, kind of like a pillow case. At the top I cut a 2" slot in the middle for the shepherds hook and made a large enough fold to go around the bunkend support bar and used buttons to secure it. You can use Velcro if you’d like

Then I cut up some of my husband’s old jeans and used the pockets as... well pockets I hand sowed along the sides and bottom so that each pocket actually has two slots. One is the original jean pocket and the other behind it between the jean and the checked fabric. I used a belt loop to hang the light from or to hang sunglasses from. I also cut two slots wide enough for a paperback book; the cut was just to the top layer of the checked fabric so to make a pocket and trimmed it in denim. That was it, super easy and it didnt cost me anything! I leave it on the bar when folding up the camper so that it is one less thing I have to set up.

What do you do for bunkend storage?

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