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Painting your Camper Door

Painting Your Camper Door

I've had several questions about how we painted our camper door.  I'd like to start off by saying it is my favorite part of the camper makeover! Before we had decided on anything else about the remodel I knew that door was going to be red. It was an experiment though. I hadn't seen anyone else do it, so there were no instructions.

First I removed both the top and bottom halves of the door. They unscrew very easily but be sure to have someone hold the door(s) as you unscrew so that the hinges aren't bent by the weight of the door.

The top part of the door has the door frame attached so I had to paint it in steps so that I didn't paint the door closed or have it sticking and pulling the paint off when the door was opend. First I taped off the screen and the built in mirror.  Then  I laid the door as if it were open. I painted the door with Rustoleum spray paint in Colonial Red and let it dry very well, about 24 hours before moving on to the next step. I then laid it as if the door was closed  with small peices of cardboard between the door and the frame so they wouldn't close all the way and then painted the frame. It wasn't hard, just time consuming, you've got to be ready not to have a door on your camper for about two days. 

The bottom section of the door was easy, remove the handle, clean up the door and paint. I also painted the door handle with the same hammered paint I used on the cabinet hardware and table legs. While the door was down we decided to replace the weather stripping. You can see how worn out it was looking in this picture.

 That was it. We put the doors back on and our jaws dropped! What a difference it made! It really added a fun pop of color and we get comments on it all the time!  It was a fun project and if we ever do another door I think I might try using stencils!  Are you planning on painting your door?   I'd love to see pictures!!!

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