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Easy DIY S'mores Table

Imagine yourself sitting around the fire with your family at your favorite camping destination. Now imagine your kids asking for smores. Here comes the, "Mom can you hold my poker? Mom will you get the graham cracker and chocolate ready for my marshmallow?" There you are left holding the bag, the box, and the pokers ugh! Maybe it's just my family, juggling all the goodies and the kid's hot pokers is not as relaxing as I'd like it to be. When we got back from our first camping trip this season I decided to figure out how to solve this problem, by making a 'S'mores Table'.

I looked around the house for something I could use, I always like finding something we already have and remaking it. I was cleaning the bonus room and I saw a TV tray my girls had once used as their nail polishing station. I went to Lowes to buy a few 'two hole straps', grabbed that TV tray and went into creating mode.

The first thing I did was make sure those straps were the right size to hold our pokers and and pie irons. Then I looked at placement, depending on the campground, we would situate the table differntly, so I'd need to put the straps on different sides. After I figured out my placement, I got out Betsy, that's my Dremel 😉 and pre-drilled some holes for my screws.

I decided to put two straps on the side that folds down so that it doesn't get too banged around during travel and two on the other side, so that whatever way we decided to situate the table we would have convenient places to put our hot pokers and irons.

It was syurdy and functional but.... not very cute.

So I gave it a paint job.

I mixed up a color that was Graham cracker-ish and painted the top and bottom parts, and added a few specks and dots to it. Then white for the marshmallow and last the chocolate. I went heavy with the brown where the white and brown met, took my blow dryer let the chocolate and marshmallow run together. It wasn't perfect but it was much cuter that the paint job it had gotten from my girls years earlier.

The S'mores Table got rave reviews from our family and friends on our next trip! It was a fun, quick, inexpensive ($2.50) project that worked out great! It folds down flat and we just store it on the dinette when we are traveling.

And best of all, I got to relax and enjoy the fire and our family.

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